Mission Statement

Benjamin Foote CP is a multitasking digital media company that is bent on making lasting memories for you and your significant someone on your special day. Simpler, Benjamin Foote CP is a person, me, the one who is typing right now, hello, and thank you for considering me for your event! More importantly, I am an artist that finds beauty in people, whether it is a loving family portrait, a video of musicians pouring their souls into a performance, or certainly in your case, photos or videos of the most important day of two peoples’ lives to date – their wedding. My mission is to create content for you, whether it be cinematic or photographic, that will be reviewed over and over again for years to come. I desire for you to look back at the content I create and immerse yourselves, if only for a moment, back into the nostalgia of the happiest day of your lives. For me, that has always been less posing and more organic interaction between two people simply in love. I want to create something that reminds you of who you are rather than whom the vendor wanted you to be that day. It’s very upsetting to hear horror stories of vendors entering the expression of two persons’ love for each other and interposing their own ideas of what love looks like rather than capturing what love is according to the bride and groom. I will not be that vendor. I want my art of your day to reflect who you are as a couple rather than run through a certain group of motions that I’ve developed that will ultimately result in static, repeatable content. To accomplish this I will get to know you, joke around with you, hang out with you, come alongside you on your wedding day, and perhaps tell a lame joke (of which I have a few) once in a while to generate genuine laughter for the shot, whatever it takes to render authentic material that will truly capture the reality of your day. I was raised by Bible-believing Christian parents who taught me to treat others as Jesus would. My faith has primarily influenced how I interact with my clients with love, respect, and sacrifice, seeing them and their goals as more important than me and what I want to create. I always strive to create something for my clients that is wholly and uniquely them. Of course, if they want me to steer the tone of the project my way I will certainly do that, but what the client wants has always been my sole priority. That’s my mission. I want your wedding photos or videos to be you, not me, and that is what they will be. I would love to  capture your wedding day, whether it be through moving or still images. Shall we?